Shameless, incorrigible, possibly the worst (fieryphoenix) wrote in thequestionclub,
Shameless, incorrigible, possibly the worst

1. Tell em somethign that's posted up on your wall in your bedrom, or if not anywhere else! Why did yo uput it up? What draws you to it?!

2. Do you r nails have weird nlines in them> What color are they poresently? What's your favorite colort to make them?

3. Which meal of the day is your biggest? My parents always told me that breakfast should be biggest but you know?! It was never so like that! Breakfast was a decent size but not the biggest. Dinner was! But you digest dinner and do whatever andf go tobed so what>! It didn't make sens to me then and doesn't now.

4. I don't know at this point, TQC! Make up your own question and tell me it and the answer!
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