devo (losttheskyagain) wrote in thequestionclub,

So I'm back in my hometown til November after four years of college and I know NO ONE. Everyone I knew has moved away or become drug addicts and all my coworkers are older than me. I love my coworkers, don't get me wrong, but I could really use someone to just chill with.


I *thought* I made a friend. He was very flirtatious when I met him and immediately added me on facebook. We talked for four days straight, including me driving him home at one point. He said he was okay with us just being friends because I'm in a relationship (after he thoroughly tested boundaries by trying to sext me one night), but now he's *poof* gone. I've sent him one text and one reply to an fb message thread we had going, but no answer. It's been like a week.

He didn't really want a friend, just my body, y/y?

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