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I probably could post this to knitting, but I don't feel like joining a new comm for one question.

I'm going abroad in a couple of weeks, and I need some non-TV watching activities to keep me occupied, so I'm trying to take up knitting again. I've got a big box of yarn that I haven't used so I'm trying to figure out some stuff I can do with it.

I've got:

Two skeins of fine yellow baby wool, gauge about 5 st=1" in stockinette on size 5 needles

about one skein of rough spun blue wool, I think worsted weight, gauge about 4 st=1" st st on size 11 needles

about one skein of very fine shimmery black wool, gauge about 7 st=1" st st on size 5 needles

some assorted white chenille yarn and heavy purple worsted weight, enough for decoration and things

And if possible I'd rather not use DPNs, since I hate them. I don't own circular needles but I can get them and I'm not morally opposed to them.

Any ideas, TQCers?

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