isacoconut (isacoconut) wrote in thequestionclub,

I've been running Chrome on Snow Leopard for the last year or so with no issues. All of a sudden this morning, it's fucking up every web page (not just the one below) to look like this:

I'm using FireFox right now with no issues, so I am 99% sure it's an issue with Chrome. I've tried restarting Chrome, restarting my AirPort, restarting my OS, uninstalling and reinstalling Chrome (which for some reason I suspect didn't work, because all of my bookmarks are there/everything is still synced). WHAT THE FUCK HOW DO I MAKE THIS STOP I HATE FIREFOX. FFFFFFFFFFFFFF</ljcut>

DK/DC/lol Macs - will you show me something from Ikea that you'd like to buy? I'm going later and cinnamon rolls are the only thing on my list.
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