Laney (laney_chan916) wrote in thequestionclub,

I just received an email from someone telling me they want to set up a job interview, but when I read it, something didn't sit right with me.

It said, "Hello, I will be calling you to set an appointment for your interview. Please take a few minutes to complete the following quiz, Here. Don't worry about being billed, this is setup as part of our interview process with a partner company.
Once you've completed the quiz you'll receive your score and time. Please note these so we can discuss this during the interview. This quiz will not effect your eligibility for the position - just something to discuss while I get to know you.
Are you available tomorrow after 10am?
Have a great day,
(her name)"

She doesn't say a business name and doesn't leave a phone number which is odd enough, but a legit employer would not ask someone to take a little IQ quiz online, would they?  I took the quiz out of curiosity, but at the end, it asks for your cell phone number.  I didn't give it out though, I think it's a scam.

Am I right to be suspicious about it?
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