longlongwaytogo (longlongwaytogo) wrote in thequestionclub,

Cake Emergency!

It's my boyfriend's birthday on Monday and tomorrow I want to make him a cake. He's coming back to Australia.
I want to make him a mocha cake, which has brown icing. Since the icing has coffee and chocolate in it, I don't think I can change its colour.

I want to decorate the cake. Originally I was all 'oo I could have blue icing, and put white clouds on it and draw a plane!' since he loves travel.
But then I realised the icing problem.

So. How should I decorate it? I'm a beginner and I can't do fondant at this point, nor do I know where to buy any to give it a try. (I'm Australian if you know of somewhere).
He loves travel, jazz, sci fi, music, guitars... or I could just decorate it in some sort of awesome way that's not themed.

What should I do? Or should I change the cake flavour?
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