ajunkyarddog (ajunkyarddog) wrote in thequestionclub,

So, I am getting pretty paranoid about my privacy these days. I deleted my facebook and such because I don't trust them to keep my info secure. I viewed myself on Spokeo.com and I am SUPER not happy about that, even if a lot of the data is incorrect. Too much of it WASN'T.

The more we advance with technology, the less I will be able to brush off the past. While it is a part of me, I don't want it there always in e-form. I. Hate. It.

I also didn't realize that if you have a gmail account then all of your google searches are logged. They are in a database forever.

So. I think I am going to create a kind of alias. I want to use it for social networking in the future (even though it will be very limited) and also using it to sign up for different things online, just to keep myself a bit separate. In the grand scheme of things, my IP address is attached to everything I do, but I am trying to keep myself as concealed as can be possible and reasonable for myself.

Does anyone have any suggestions for keeping your identity a bit more private. There are some programs that are supposed to protect you and I would like some recommendations.
Also, anyone that has had success with not using their real name for social networking stuff.

TLDR- I am paranoid about privacy. If you are not and have no interest then move along.
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