Douchenozzle Extraordinaire (gimalxina) wrote in thequestionclub,
Douchenozzle Extraordinaire

Drug Testing

TQC, I dun fucked up.

I took a drug test for a job I just got hired for (fucking finally, it's been a sad 19 months), I've never had to do one before. I had to pee in a cup; they took my bag and told me to pee in the cup and to NOT flush the toilet when I was done for whatever reason. Out of habit after I was done I flushed it, one second too late I remembered I wasn't supposed to fucking do that.

I'm also paranoid about the results, because they will come back positive for an antidepressant and my ADD meds. I figured they would question me about medications prior to the test and they didn't. They wouldn't talk to me at all.

Did I fuck up my chances royally?
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