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i work at a department store and i absolutely HATEHATEHATE my job. still, though, it's a job, and i still work there because i haven't found anything that suits me better or would pay me more.

i've done two months of seasonal retail work before this job and was hired in to take over as the department manager. after being trained on the cash register for four hours, i was left to figure out everything else on my own. when i was being trained, my trainer told me that in certain instances, it's okay to scan coupons for people even if they don't have the coupons in their hands and that it's okay to change the price of items that you're not supposed to use a coupon on because everyone does it and it's easier that way and etc etc etc.

the Loss Prevention manager is coming around to our store today or next week and now i'm TERRIFIED that i'm going to be fired. i know that the LP person will have access to all of my transactions since i've been there in january and there will be no hiding the fact that i've severely fucked up. if/when i get fired, how do i handle it? i know that i really screwed up here and i don't want to throw my trainer under the bus, but that's what i've been doing all along because i was under the impression that scanning coupons/changing prices was the way to keep customers happy and we can't get any complaints about our store.

have you been in a situation like this before? if so, how'd you deal with it?
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