biomimetical (biomimetical) wrote in thequestionclub,

I have become a very pessimistic person lately, TQC. In school I get annoyed at how unorganized my professors are, and how their exams are poorly worded. In clinicals I get irritated at the snobby and rude doctors. At home my parents annoy me, and I'm noticing that my pessimism is pervading other aspects of my life too. It's gotten worse over the past 2 months (since I started nursing school). And today, whenever someone spoke to me, I could only think of bitchy things to say in response and had to bite my tongue.

Any advice on how to stop being such a grouch? I'm never all sunshine and rainbows anyway, but lately I feel super grumpy/bitchy/annoyed/snarky etc.

('s the second day of my period. Is that it? I thought PMS was the week before the period though...)
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