Kat McRantypants (krazykat88) wrote in thequestionclub,
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How do you deal with an adult who's acting like a child?
(backstory time) yesterday I accidentally got hair dye on the floor/sink/a dingy nightshirt that the woman had hanging up by the sink, I got it off the floor, off the counter, but couldn't get it off the rim of the sink. I even tried Magic erasers!!. didn't work. (I also apologized for the dingy shirt, and offered to replace it)
today, she's totally avoiding me (she turned off my pot of rice because I was in the living room watching TV, instead of in the kitchen staring at it, (she actually said this) and then stormed upstairs. so I ate my food, cleaned up, went upstairs, and now she's just gone back downstairs.....she's 60, behaving like a 6 year old.
How would you deal with someone like that
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