A superhero in disguise (nightninja76) wrote in thequestionclub,
A superhero in disguise

Good: I came out to the patio to make a mojito and watch the sun go down.
Bad: My room mate just rode his bike to the gym and locked me out here. I tried calling him, but his phone is on the kitchen table, I can see it through the window.
Worse: My drink is now empty. The mint is out here, but the booze and ice are inside.

What should I do? AM I GONNA DIE?!

I only have 20% battery left, so I need you to think quickly.

ETA: my laptop died much faster than expected. I figured out how to LJ from my phone, but my responses are going to come pretty slowly.

EATA: Oh, shit, I saw a lizard!

EATTA: He just came home and I made it back inside safely. I want to thank all of you for your prayers and advice.
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