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what are your thoughts on this article?


(gist: a guy is filing a lawsuit that says that he shouldn't have to pay child support for his daughter with his ex because he clearly stated he never wanted kids and his ex said she was physically incapable of getting pregnant, but she did. he says that since she had the option to have or not have the child, that he should have the option for whether or not to pay child support)

honestly, i sort of think that's not unreasonable. his thoughts were known to her ahead of time about having kids. yes, it takes two people to make a baby, but he had a reasonable expectation of not having to worry about becoming a father and SHE had knowledge of his attitude. it's fine that she chose to have the kid, you know, get on with your bad self. but had HE wanted the child and she didn't, he would have been shit out of luck. that's not to say that i think a man should be able to dictate whether or not a woman can abort a baby, but i don't think it's wrong for a man who'd been clear about his attitude towards having a child to opt out of paying for its support.

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