W (angeleclipse15) wrote in thequestionclub,


 A friend that has been unemployed for almost a year is moving down to Houston in a week or two and has been applying for jobs.  There is a management position open at the CVS near where he will live.  I informed him about the position and he looked online for the job posting but it wasn't there.  So he called the store and asked about applying and explained the situation of not being down here yet.  The store manage said that if he would like to apply, he needs to bring in a paper resume off at the store.

So said friend asked me to print out a copy of his resume and asked if I would turn it in for him since he is so far away.  I have his resume printed nicely on resume paper but I've never delivered someone's resume.   

So my question is in two parts.  
1. Would it be strange if I dropped off his resume?
2. Do I need to get all dressed up as though it was me applying for the job?
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