ladamefolle (ladamefolle) wrote in thequestionclub,

Dear TQC, I made a breakfast burrito for myself out of egg whites and cheese. However, after I made the burrito, there was some liquid seeping from the eggs, so I put them back in the pan and cooked them some more. When I took them out again, they looked just as wet as they had before. By this point, they were starting to stick to the bottom of the pan and burn. They dripped probably close to 3 tsp of liquid while I was eating them but they tasted fine, didn't seem undercooked. Is this normal for egg whites that you buy in containers?

DK/DC? If you drink coffee, how do you drink it? I usually do a bit of sweet and low/splenda with a bit of milk, but right now I have a hazelnut vanilla flavored coffee so I've got less sugar than normal and more milk. If you don't drink coffee, what is the reasoning behind it? Just don't like the taste or it upsets your stomach or other?
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