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Way back in Feb, my house burned down. I was made homeless, Mum went into care, found my dead cat, family & bff showed their true colors. Etc. I got away for a week in the sun which helped more than I can explain and now, I've got somewhere to live (although I need to decorate & furnish most of it, its in progress) and after a lot of thought, I got a kitten.


Here's where I need the advice :)

My new place is a ground floor flat. I say flat...I've got one room & then my bathroom & kitchen are separate. So, the window to my bed/living room faces the street. It's maybe 2ft from ground level so anyone passing can look in and many do. It's a quiet street but in a none too desirable neighbourhood so most people passing are junkies/criminals (I don't want to sound judgemental but I don't know a better way to phrase it) Moving is not an option right now. I'm just grateful for a roof over my head. My neighbour is an alcoholic who is not long out of prison. He's been pleasant enough to me, only a bit of a nusiance in that he'll knock the window at all hours (Just to check I'm okay lol!) I'm single female living alone & I can get very nervy & jumpy, but obviously I don't really want to make it public knowledge that I crap myself when someone walks past. now so how can I get the most privacy without sacrificing natural light (There's a LOT! And I love it!) And just some general advice on security etc? I've lived alone before but not at ground level and not with bad nerves!

Secondly..kitten, Melina (Melina Mercury nonetheless! After the nickname Freddie gave himself) is 9/10weeks old and is awesome :D However, she's not been left by herself for anything more than 5-10mins since I got her a week ago. How do I get her used to me being away? Just do it gradually? It's been so long since I had a kitten & I'm like a worrisome first time mother!

This is (Madame!) Melina. She's a little mutant with 7 claws on each foot & is so affectionate its undescribable! (Cat lovers will understand!)
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