Borg Queen (lady_borg) wrote in thequestionclub,
Borg Queen

I was admitted into hospital for almost six hours and in that time I had no signal on my phone and couldn't use the hospital phone. To keep from getting too and anxious i decided to play games on my phone. Because of this it killed my battery. After I was checked out I went to go to use the hospital phone (I could because i had left my room) and I tried to ring up my Husband to help me get home. He did nit answer. I then remember that they left their phone in the car. Instead I decided to call his work number. But it's after hours and no one in my experience has picked up the phone when I have called this number (sometimes the people there stay around after work so someone is still there) the call doesn't get through even after trying twice. I decided to go home alone anyway because I do live walking distance but I was still tired and disorientated from the hospital visit and all the drugs.

When you I got home I realised my husband was still at work so I decided to settle down and try to relax. Unfortunatly I was hurt that he didnt keep his phone on him or go get his phone to make sure i could keep in contact with him like he asked (his work is a thirty second walk from our home and car) When my husband finally got home you eventually get into a big fight about how i couldn't get in contact with him and how I should have not wasted my phone battery so I could have rang his work five times and got an answer. But if he had have had his mobile phone on him I would have had no issue getting in touch with him on the hospital phone.

Who is in the right here? Or whatever?

I know you guys hate personal posts but the fight has gotten bigger because I still don't see what I did wrong and I would not mind an outsiders perspective

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