Kat McRantypants (krazykat88) wrote in thequestionclub,
Kat McRantypants


I'm thinking of dying my hair again (and I'm too cheap to get it done proffessionally) - and I need color suggestions. My natural hair color is a medium brown with (natural) reddish bits. I have dark eyebrows, so I can't really dye my hair a lot lighter. Last summer I dyed my hair a darkish red, which looked pretty good, i guess, but I want to do something different - I'm thinking dark brown. good idea or bad idea?

DK/DC - for those of you who dye your hair at home, what brand do you use? I'm thinking of getting that one thats foamy, because it looks like it would be easier...
the last time I dyed my hair at home (I was 16) I got  bright pink dye all over the sink. 
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