four_alarm (four_alarm) wrote in thequestionclub,

Ok. So here's my superficial situation (I say superficial because it's about hair).

For the past week, my hair has been looking extremely oily and unwashed even though I've washed it every day (which i've always done).

I noticed it on Saturday. I started new bottles of shampoo and conditioner, but they're a brand and type I've used before (and it didn't do this before either). I started using them that Tuesday before. So I wash my hair and condition it like normal. Then I blow dry it, and the roots on the top of my head (and mainly in the back) look oily and the hairs are sticking together so it looks like I haven't washed my hair in a few days. So I tried not using the conditioner, and then using some different shampoo, but it's still not helping even after a few days. I've soaked it in the bath and tried not blow drying, but still grossly oily looking. I don't use anything in my hair other than shampoo or conditioner, so it can't be that kind of product buildup (though I guess it could be buildup from the shampoo and conditioner)

What's going on? I don't like the sticky feeling on my hair, and it's never done this before. I would say it's the shampoo 100% but it's the same brand I've been using for months, only a different type (that again, I've used before, not even two months ago). Any ideas? Work starts back up in a few days for me, and I'd like to not have gross looking hair. Is there some product I can use to make this go away?

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