LilRedKA (firefox1490) wrote in thequestionclub,

So I've been locked out of my hotmail account. I changed my password semi recently to something that I do not remember because hotmail prompted me to change my password saying it was unsafe. No it wasn't an email where there was a link, when I signed in it was like would you like to blah blah blah and it had been doing it for awhile and since I had the same password for basically 8 years I figured what the hell and changed it. And it hadn't been a problem because I had remember password on/keep me signed in.

Now all of a sudden like 48 hours ago it signed me out. I tried every combination under the sun of my normal cashe of passwords and none of them work. And now I'm locked out. I put in a help request to reset my password which basically went like this

Me: I only know the subjects of incoming mail and what my password should be.
Them: Sorry thats not sufficient information
Me: What would be sufficient information?
Them: We recommend you make a new account, have a nice day.

And now they're not responding to my help center emails because for god knows what reason its been marked as answered when my problem has not been solved.

TL;DR How long are you generally locked out before it will let you try to again to reenter the password on a hotmail account?

Part 2: Fuck hotmail and their customer service, even when this is done I'm getting a new fucking account because this was bullshit from day one, can someone suggest another provider thats NOT gmail? Going with Yahoo, now to try and remember every thing that got filter through my hotmail account to redirect to this new account. Joy...

DK/DC: Whats the suckies customer service you've ever encountered that you had to deal with and how did it go?
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