Repetitive Verse (vaguely) wrote in thequestionclub,
Repetitive Verse

Okay, super important: I want a snack and it is down between Chewy Runts or Chewy Sprees from the vending machine. Which would you pick?

Also: rewatch a couple episodes of Dexter or rewatch Percy Jackson and inappropriately lust after Logan Lerman?

Would it be stupid to get my HP tattoo on Thursday around three? My bffff will be in town and I'd love for her to come with me, but the midnight showing is at... well, midnight. Would it be dumb to be all drunk and stupid that soon after getting a tattoo? I can't remember if I waited to get drunk and stupid after my last two... (obvs I will be sober and intelligent while getting the tattoo)

Do you work an overnight shift? When you do, what time do you get your sleep?
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