DirectusSanctimonia (karokitara) wrote in thequestionclub,

poor choice making

So I am a very impulsive person. I bought a droid 2 on CL for $80. I asked the woman all of the necessary questions about it to make sure it was functional. Then when I try to activate it they say it has been suspended as lost/stolen. I would need her to call the company to change that and she has not responded to my email.

The thing is she emailed me with her full name and I also found her on facebook. If she continues to ignore me is this something I could potentially bring to a lawyer? I wouldn't want it to come to that but if she keeps ignoring me I could bring it up.

EDIT: I did ask her what kind of condition the phone was in and she did not mention that is was suspended

Also, I am aware I had made a bad decision. Please do not remind me.
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