chutney ferret (hellaweasels) wrote in thequestionclub,
chutney ferret

"day is awesome!"

[Simpsons quote aside]
So TQC, in oh two weeks or so, I'm going to be alone in my house for about a week [my folks+brother+younger dog will be gone from Saturday to Saturday].

Naturally, as I tend to whenever I have an extended period of time to myself, I've been scheming ways to ask/mention it to my S/O that it'll just be me in the house and that he should come over for sex to hang out/relax because i haven't seen him since April and even then that was pulling teeth to get him to show up from what I've been told.

So far what I've got is:
"Want to spend a few days somewhere cat-free? I've got the house to myself all week; you could come over, if you want? No parties, just us, and you can use our Internet."

How does that sound?

[Background info: he's at his sister's right now so I don't want to ask now because he's not at home. And the "no parties" line is because the last two times I've invited him over he's declined, not even bothering to act like he wanted to come but couldn't (once to a party I threw for my 21st in which there were no parents and a lot of alcohol and once to a party my folks threw in which there were neighbors+a lot of alcohol). The cats thing is only 'cause he's got a lot of cats and he's kinda allergic to them.]

Thanks for your help~!!

ETA: Not asking for relationship advice thanks. Just advice on the question I posted. I know we've got issues and I'd really rather not deal with them now.
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