Morigawa Akumi (catchingspirit) wrote in thequestionclub,
Morigawa Akumi

Medical Question?

Have you ever heard of exercise-induced asthma? If you have it, what are your experiences with diagnosis and any treatment?

Background: A friend brought it up when I mentioned that all my life, I have had a lot of trouble with my breath when jogging or running though weights or walking give me no problem at all. I've been exercising a fair bit again and frustrated because it can sap motivation when I know how hard I have to work to improve at all in these areas. The article sounds a lot like me, though not perfectly.

((Edit for clarity: In addition, I'm talking about wheezing and coughing, not JUST being out of breath. Case of knowing what I meant in my head and not saying it right. I tend to wheeze heavily during the run and cough for awhile afterward and my throat will hurt from the cough with a slight metallic taste.))

Is it worth going to the doctor to ask about this when I'm afraid he'll dismiss it as 'you're overweight and out of shape, of course you get out of breath'? (Both of these are true at the moment though I've lost some weight and have also been exercising as much as weather allows for several weeks now.)

For what it's worth, I've had the same problems at ANY weight or spot on the spectrum of keeping myself in shape and I've been all over those maps during my life. This is definitely not just being out of shape, even if it has nothing to do with exercise-induced asthma, either. Is there a good way to assert myself and tell him so?

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