Kitten (beyondcrazy4you) wrote in thequestionclub,

I've had a parrot for a just over a year (since last February) and within the past few months we've had a problem with little moths. They center around his cage, which we do a thourough cleaning of every weekend. I had the notion they came from his food when I found little...critters crawling around inside one of his bags of "chewies" (aka, a trail mix of peanuts, peppers, dried fruit, etc. In essence, big stuff he can keep busy with). I promptly tossed it out, with much squealing and shuddering. He went without for about two weeks and just had his pellets. We thought things were getting better, but then my dad went out and bought a new brand of chewies for him, thinking it would be okay. It wasn't. The moths are still around, and they're driving me nuts. Now that I think of it, the moths did start showing up when we started giving Chico chewies and pellets, instead of fresh fruit and pellets. So, we're pretty much assured it's from the food.

Long and short of it is this:
Does anyone else have this problem, and how can we get rid of the bugs without getting rid of the bird?

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