isacoconut (isacoconut) wrote in thequestionclub,

Gold's Gym membership cancellation

I'm trying to cancel my Golds Gym membership. I know they're franchised so every location will be different, etc etc, but I've called and they've given me the number of their financial group to call and cancel the automatic payments to my card. However, the 15-yr-old girl I spoke to at Gold's didn't seem to know the answer to this, so maybe one of you will!

When I signed up in June of 2010, I paid my first and last months's dues up-front, and starting in July 2010 payments were auto-debited on the 15th of each month. The cancellation clause in my contract says this:

"Member may cancel this Agreement after the initial term period [12 months - so ending in May 2011] by notice to Gold's Gym complying with the provisions set forth on the reverse side of this Agreement. Cancellation shall be effective on the next monthly dues payment date; provided that any such notice of cancellation that is not received by Gold's gym at least 30 days prior to such next monthly dues, payment shall be effective on the next succeeding monthly dues payment date."

So since it is obviously not 30 days before 7/15/11, my "cancellation date" will be on 8/15/11 and no payment will be debited on 8/15/11. But since I paid my first and last month up front, this means I won't be charged on 7/15, right? Or does 8/15 count as my "last month's dues" even though I'm cancelling today?

Am I doing this wrong? Coz when I tried to ask the girl what the deal would be with the first/last month dues already being paid, she got reeeeally confused and said she'd have someone call me back. Right.
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