Grisel Emrys Pendragon (griselmania) wrote in thequestionclub,
Grisel Emrys Pendragon


I was walking with my brother to the grocery store when a little puppy came out of a driveway and started following us. We tried telling it to go home, and even took it back to the drive way but it kept on following us. There was no fence and no one's home. He found her leash tied up to a poll in the back yard and hooked her up to it. My problem with this is that she was left in the sun with no water or food and we have no idea when her family will be home. I called my mother for advice and she told us that we should have taken her home and left a note at the owner's home telling them where she is and why we took her. But she says it's too late now, since we left her tied up on private property and we might get into trouble for trespassing. I'll be going home soon and want to do something if the puppy's still alone in the sun. Should I call animal control? Take it home? Leave it there (I can't not do something about it)?

ETA: I went back after reading the first two comments and the owners were home. They claimed they weren't gone for long time. And though unsolicited, I gave them a piece of my mind. Thanks guys!
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