Michelle (i_broke_it_) wrote in thequestionclub,

"digesting" experiences

One of my professors was talking about how, to be healthy, we need to be able to digest experiences as well as food. This means that we can't let our experiences control out lives; we need to get past them, even if we can't forget them. As a simple example, my teacher watched the movie Psycho and couldn't take a shower in an empty house for years. For a more serious example, someone who has been abused in any way needs to be able to do something with those feelings, not just allow them to fester. So, have you had any experiences, big or small, that you haven't been able to digest?

My answer: Going along with my teacher's example, I saw a movie that I've never been able to digest: Requiem for a Dream. For some reason it just struck a chord. Thinking about it makes me feel icky, even now. Although, now I will never do drugs. Never ever.
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