KT (katyism) wrote in thequestionclub,


How would you spell a particular noise?

I don't know if it's just me, but for certain noises I hear, my brain can interpret it as a human speech utterance, and then automatically spells it for me.

For example, there is a common North American bird (I don't know what kind) that has a distinctive call. I hear it as "Twirple-deeeeee!" And that's how I'd say it if someone asked me to describe the bird call, since I can make human speech noises much better than I can sound like a real bird.

A big vacuum cleaner being turned on ends up being spelled "Vrroooooooooooo...."

A door bell sounds like "Thor-dooo" to me. (I believe it's the same common doorbell sound that most people would say is a "ding-dong" sound).

So if that made sense at all to you, can you give some examples of some noises and how you would spell them?

*edit* for some reason I brainfarted and forgot that this whole phenomenon is described by the word "onomatopoeia" so gimme your personal onomatopoeias please?

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