stacey (groovyraspberry) wrote in thequestionclub,

Signing release forms?


Take the scenario of a lawyer telling you that you need to sign release forms for a psychologist, in order to have the psych speak with the lawyer, pertaining to the mental health of your child.

We've called the counselor, but have not received a call back yet. There are only four days to do this (including today), but she isn't the best in getting back with phone calls and she is a therapist who makes home/school calls, so isn't likely to be in her office (so dropping by isn't much of an option.)

I suppose my question is in regards of the release forms -- do you typically go down and sign them, and then take them to the third party (in our case, lawyer?) Or is it something that they fax to the lawyer? Or is it even something that is brought back to the lawyer? Does it just stay with the facility, and serves as a piece of proof that we allowed the two to speak to one another?

Another question! Let's say Sarah was a counselor at Wing Ding Center. She was your private counselor for a few months, but then she was reassigned/moved, and so you received Pam as a counselor. If you need to get in touch with Sarah, what are the proper ways to do that? Will Wing Ding Center disclose her current location? Pass along the message? What is professional or proper protocol to do in this situation?

Thanks so much for any help, guys!
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