Dancing on the Edge of Reason (imitationangel) wrote in thequestionclub,
Dancing on the Edge of Reason

Helping out a buddy.

Guy is know is being driven slowly insane by this. Anyone recognise his admittedly poor description of this film or can point me in a direction of a comm or site where someone might know it?

"I think it was an American film, and I remember it being very surreal, and revolving around a little girl, and a group of friends she collected in a fantastic world. It wasn't Wizard of Oz, though it may have been some bizarre retelling of it. I remember one of the "friends" she ended up with being something like an American Civil War soldier or cowboy - something of that era. I also remember a grim reaper or something similar."

It was not the recent TV retelling of Oz, but earlier, from the 90's.
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