koffie_addict (koffie_addict) wrote in thequestionclub,

okay, this may sound a little Inceptionish, but I was wondering if any of you have these kinds of dreams:

basically i dream something and then i wake up but there is something wrong. then i wake up and realise the waking up was a dream. but this waking up is also a dream. so i dream that i wake up a couple of times, before i become aware that i am still dreaming and then i try to wake myself up for realsies, because it's freaking me out.

I happens to me quite frequently, like last night i dreamt that i was waking up and everything looked normal but I couldn't see everything in the room (like my boyfriend, who was in the dream) and then i thought i was on drugs for some reason. it was creepy.

What do these dreams mean? Is there something wrong with me?

Or, in case you don't know, what are some of your weirdest/creepiest dreams?
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