Felix (felixdiecat) wrote in thequestionclub,

One of my coworkers (let's call him Paul to avoid confusing pronouns) asked me if it would be wrong for him to hook up with his uncle's ex-wife (just sex, no relationship). He asked another coworker (let's call him Bill), who said that she's still family, despite her being divorced from Paul's uncle for like a decade. Apparently, Paul was never close to her, so no awkward aunt-nephew dynamics going on.

My thought was basically, like "Dude. She had sex with your uncle. Gross. No."

Would it be "wrong" for Paul to sleep with his uncle's ex-wife? Why/why not?

Like I said. You don't share partners with family. You just don't.

ETA: He's wondering if it'd be "wrong". I'm wondering if anybody else is like "uh, no." to this. Would you do it, given the circumstances?
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