xsnickerzzx (xsnickerzzx) wrote in thequestionclub,

Will you analyze my dream/nightmare? I've always had very vivid dreams, but lately, they've been about death. This particular one that I just woke up from began with me and 30 other people a room, like a living room or bedroom. There was a guy who walked in and mentioned that each of us were about to get shot. He gave us forms and had us put our name, age, address, what we like to do in our free time and relationship with our parents. Three of the people in this dream from my real life were one of my coworkers, my niece, and my sister. It was my sister's job to hand out fries, off all things, to the people that would be saved from the shooting. My niece received two and I received one. Mine had some type of dipping sauce on it. Idk. Next, the guy called everyone out of the room, excluding me and my niece. They all flowed into the basement and he left one of his buddies upstairs with us two. Suddenly, my niece was also called down. Since I noticed I would be the only one surviving, I began to read my form over and rewrite some things (one thing was that I talked too much. Not the best thing to write when you know that 30 people have been murdered). I began to hear popping noises. One right after the other. It was him shooting the people. The guy upstairs with me let out a laugh and told me how lucky I was. When the other guy came back, he had his gun in his hand and called me a name, "Yolanda" which isn't my real name. He asked to see my form and let out an approving, "Hmm," then he smiled devilishly and said, "Oh, you're definitely going..." This is when I woke up. My bf tells me not to analyze dreams so deeply because I'll go nuts. I'll let you guys do that part.
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