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my 4g ipod nano is FULL... I'm debating buying a new one.
Especially because I am studying abroad come September and I know I will need more music.
Should I buy one off craigslist or buy a new one? I guess I could use my airmiles, but I don't know.

These are some of the ones on CL I'm considering:

A) i have a 2nd generation ipod touch 8 gb for sale. the screen is in perfect condition 9/10 always kept a case, the back has minor ware n tear but overall it is in great shape wifi is super fast and it is jailbroken. ($50)

B) 2nd Generation iPod Touch, 32 gigs
one small scratch on screen, regular wear on back
looking to upgrade to 4th Gen. so i'm getting rid of this one ($125... but I'll probably offer less, like $100)

C)For sale is a Apple iPod Nano 5th Gen 16Gb in bright pink.

This Nano is like new! Bought in 2010 and only used lightly for 2-3 months. Realized I haven't used it at all since purchasing my iPhone. Has absolutely no scratches, shows no signs of wear!

It has an HD Video Camera and can play mp3's, video, show photos, listen to FM Radio and more!

Includes a beautiful griffin hard case with shadow effect (I got so many compliments on this!), headphones and charging cable.

Asking $150.


I DONT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT IPODS. What would you do? Help me TQC!
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