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So a few weeks ago me and my mother got into a big fight because she told my husband in a rude way to get a job. I went to talk to her myself and told her even though we live with her she needs to stay out of my business because I pay rent. She got mad because I told her it wasn't fair for her to say anything when she supports her boyfriend  while he was living here and she tells me my husband needs to support me and not have me supporting him. We didnt' talk for weeks. After that we got into another fight because I was taking care of the neighbors cat in my house, she thought I was taking it in. I told her she was assuming things and it blew up from there. We haven't talked again in weeks, and since then I've been looking for my own place.The other day I cleaned the whole house really good, and put together a vase that I broke as a sort of silent apology I still didn't get anything.  I finally found a place and I'm moving out in about a month. This morning I was talking with my sister and she began making me feel bad about moving out, that my mom would be sad and lonely. So this evening I told my mom I was moving out, she didn't really seem to care. I know she's probably a little sad though. My sister went out and started her life, and she's making me feel like I need to stay here. I don't think that's fair.

Should I feel guilty about moving out of my mom's house and leaving her all alone?

DK/DC What's the cheesiest song you've ever heard?
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