Admiral Space Walrus (admiral_walrus) wrote in thequestionclub,
Admiral Space Walrus


I'm getting married later this year and my fiance and I have decided we're more comfortable with just doing a small courthouse shindig and then splurging on the honeymoon. However, we can't decide on a location.

Will you give me some ideas TQC?

Things to know:

We live in Atlanta, GA, so we will be flying out of Hartsfield-Jackson Airport.
We would prefer to go out of the country.
We are looking to be gone for about 8-10 days.
Beach, sightseeing, and SMALL adventures are okay, but I'm not the most outdoorsy/active person (although I have some time to work on that -- and I should, but I'll always be a klutz).
The VERY earliest we can leave Atlanta is December 11th (although preferably after the 14th), and the VERY latest we can get back is January 8th.
He loves to dive and I'm okay with him diving a couple days out of our trip. (I can't dive, but am okay with spending some time reading and relaxing while he goes)
I dunno if it's important to know, but I'm 26 and he's 30.
ETA: we don't have a hard budget, but I think our max would be about $6000

So, can you give me some ideas?? If not, can you tell me where your honeymoon was, or where your dream honeymoon would be?

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