fleurlur (fleurlur) wrote in thequestionclub,

So my boyfriend & I have booked a holiday to Florida (we're from England) next May. I'm so excited for it that in order to somehow make the time go faster I have made a checklist of things that need to be done prior to us leaving. My question is, can you think of anything else I can add to it?

□ Apply for replacement passport – me
□ Find Chris's (boyfriend) passport out
□ Open up savings account for spending money
□ Fill out and send in ESTA forms
□ Buy travel insurance
□ Buy suitcase.
□ Buy holiday clothes/swimwear
□ Buy suntan cream/after sun cream/ sunglasses/ towels/
□ Convert spending money to dollars
□ Pay off holiday!!
□ Pack suitcases/carry-on luggage
□ Pick up all tickets!!

Srs/non-srs answers welcome

ETA: I've wrote my suitcase list, what have I missed out? We're going for two weeks!
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