Shameless, incorrigible, possibly the worst (fieryphoenix) wrote in thequestionclub,
Shameless, incorrigible, possibly the worst

Won. When you hear of Mahjong, do you primarily think of Mahjong solitaire, or the meld-forming four player game? Do you play either?

Churbig. How effective of a contraceptive is a coffee filter? How much does the effectiveness increase per filter you layer on?

AFKAFKAF. If you see a nail sticking out of the wall, what would you put there? A picture? A different picture? a television? Would you run up and impale your eye on it and just hang there by your eye socket? Or would you remove it?

Zrrrrrrrr. Harbinger of doom ridin' on your shoulder?!

?rennid rof tae annog eh s'tahW .eviF

7ieben. How close is the nearest knife to you?
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