PKMN Trainer Kat wants to battle! (infuturetense) wrote in thequestionclub,
PKMN Trainer Kat wants to battle!

A weird question.

I bought a tee from Urban Outfitters on their website that I knew was supposed to be 'oversized' in style, which I was okay with. Being petite, I bought the smallest size (S/M) but it still fits like a L/XL and reaches to just above my knees. It's still wearable -- I can knot it at the bottom and it brings it up in the front a little, but it's awfully big.

I was thinking maybe I could throw it in the wash on warm or hot and tumble dry it to try to shrink it up a little, but the care tag states to hand wash and dry flat.

My question is, is the tag giving me cautious directions in case I don't want it to lose size or shape at all, and that it's in reality okay to throw it in the washing machine (I can put it on perm press or delicate), or would I run the risk of ruining my shirt?

(Sidenote, the shirt's made of a strangely clingy, soft, fluid-feeling material blend of 96% Rayon and 4% Spandex, with a screened image on it, so I also wonder if I risk damaging the material or image on the shirt at all.)
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