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work schedules? xposted

most people have to work, i'm just curious as to who else is having to do what i do.

what's the craziest work schedule you've ever had? have you had more than two jobs at any one time?

at one time i had one full time job and three part time jobs.

another time i was in college full time and had two jobs, one full and one part time, and here's how the schedule broke down:

12 midnight- 8 am work
8-9 commute back
9:30-2 school
2-2:30 commute
3-6 work
6-6:30 commute back
7-10 sleep
10-11 get up, shower, etc
11-12 commute to work REPEAT

right now, i am working two full time jobs. i get up every morning at six, work from eight to four, and then work from four thirty to midnight.

student loans are a bitch, kids.

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