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Which rather unfashionable couples from tv/ movies/ etc. out there do you find yourself, whenever you happen to be watching them, actually rather touched by?

like, whenever you are watching the sitcom/ scathing report on why Australia should become a republic/ crime show etc., you can't help but feel it kind of worked just as well on a romantic level?
and then you realise you've never ever seen anyone on the whole internet with an "OTP" icon featuring the two and this might mean you're very sad and messed up.

*Daphne and Niles from Frasier (I can't believe I've NEVER seen an icon featuring them!)
*Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles
*and god I love Susan and Dr. Karl from Neighbours, I kind of want them to adopt me...

it's not like I want to have sex with them, I just think they're adorable...
but if you do want to have sex with them do tell?

or, alternatively, are you part of a really odd OTP fandom (is that the right terminology? you know what I mean...)?

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