I sailed across the sun (gouache) wrote in thequestionclub,
I sailed across the sun

In response to this.

Thanks all for your input and calming me down a little. Had my gallbladder out this morning. Clocked in at 630 AM for a 730 procedure, and out by 1030 and home by 11:15A. They said I might not have an appetite for a day, maybe a week, but IDK what they're talking about - I scarfed down two chicken sandwiches earlier. Sore in places, but overall doing well. :-) And yay, no open cut! No complications either.

But oh yeah, my question - what's the best way to sneak up on my nephew and show him my incisions? He's 12 and doesn't want to see them, but I want to traumatize him. Any suggestions? :)
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