_onekillwonder_ (_onekillwonder_) wrote in thequestionclub,

Death to all math!

Ok, so. To get my degree ASAP, i took 24 credit hours this summer. I had to have Math 02 and Math 03.

Math 02 was June-July
Math 03 July-August

Ok well Math 02 is the devil. I'm taking it online (the only way its offered in the summer) and i basically have to teach myself (duh, right?) BUT the worst part is, I am HORRIBLE at math, and everytime i get something wrong, the program sends me backwards, and wont let me go forward until i get it right, i'm getting NOWHERE fast, literally. Then, Math 03 got cancelled. So I HAVE to go back in the Fall anyway.

SOOooo...do I take an F in Math 02 and focus on my 21 other credits this summer? (y/y?)
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