Anlimarey (vodkabeforenoon) wrote in thequestionclub,

B. Will this song ever end?  

U. Where do you typically eat most of your meals/snacks?

N. What do you use most of your energy for?

T. Does turning 18 and graduating high school equal the sudden need to be an inconsiderate shithead?
I am curious about this because I can't recall what I was like at age 18 but my sister who is 18 and graduated has become a huge asshole. She feels the need to push boundaries for the wrong shit. For example, she keeps taking individual pieces of ice from the freezer with her dirty hands instead of just putting the ice in a cup (she does this about 29 times a day, I counted). She disregards everyone that has told her to not do this. I am grossed out by her behavior and well, disappointed since she is suppose to be a genius but she is so fucking dumb about common etiquette. Should I do/say anything?
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