oldpinksatin (oldpinksatin) wrote in thequestionclub,

does your cat sleep with you? or do cats run around all night?

i have a three month old kitten and i want to sleep with him tonight, but i'm not sure if he'll actually sleep. i've had him for a month but he was always in the basement or the first floor at night, but before he found his way up to my room, jumped into bed with me and took a nap. i mean i guess there's no harm in trying, but i just don't know if i should shut my door so he can't run upstairs and get lost or if he might want to use the litterbox in the middle of the night. i just wish my dogs would tell me if he sleeps with them or smacks them in the middle of the night.


what was the dumbest thing you did all week? or in the past month?

today alone i ripped part of my lip off with duct tape, got some expanding foam insulation residue all over my arms (it won't come off) because i didn't use gloves, and then i started a fire in my hand while cooking because i carelessly draped a paper towel near the stove. it's been a day.
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