Crimson Feather (bloodyhands) wrote in thequestionclub,
Crimson Feather

So here's the story.

I have a friend coming down for the weekend. I arranged for him to come down on my lunch break as I'm working a long day on Thursday and have a half day on Friday. I have the Saturday off and then he has to go back on Sunday so we don't have vast amounts of time.

I only noticed yesterday that they've changed my rota (because they screwed up) and put me on a half day on Thursday and a full day on Friday. I have proof as I photocopied the original rota.

I an mightily pissed off. How do I tell the boss in a nice way that there's no way in hell I'm working a full day on Friday and that if they want to change the rota asking me would be nice.

Also tell me how your work has pissed you off lately.
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