Still not too old to die young (x_quotethis_x) wrote in thequestionclub,
Still not too old to die young

Based on a post from before:

Do you know any old people who often make racist/sexist or other similar types of offensive remarks?

What do you do when they say these things? Do you ever try to get them to change, or stop?

I was in the car with my driving instructor the other day and we were driving behind a very slow car, and he went on for about 15 minutes about "Ohhhh, we're stuck behind a woman, I HATE women drivers they're all always so slow or they get really angry quickly. The worst is old women! This must be a really old woman because she is SUCH a bad driver"

It was so awkward because like...I'm a woman. Idk. I didn't know what to say. When we overtook them we both looked and it was a man driving the car. My instructor was like "Oh. LOL."
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