stayintru2me (stayintru2me) wrote in thequestionclub,

So I'm going to be getting a new cell phone soon and am trying to figure out what phone to get next.

1. What cell phone do you have now? What service do you use?
2. What brands would you reccommend? Why?
3. What brands would you avoid? Why?
4. What is your "must-have feature" on a cell phone?

Also, I'm looking at bluetooth phones, mainly because my dad bought me the headset for Christmas not knowing that I didn't already have a bluetooth phone. For those of you who have bluetooth:

1. Have you had any major problems with the bluetooth phones/headsets?
2. Would you reccommend it to others or do you think it's a waste of an extra feature?

Any other opinions you have to offer on cell phones would be great. I use Verizon in case you were wondering.

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