Shannon (persian__girl) wrote in thequestionclub,

Religion :D

What is your response to this:

"Nobody chose their religion.

If grew up in a Christian environment, you'll probably become Christian, and in an athiest environment, an atheist. Now that's changing real fast because of the free access to information kids have to the internet. Now instead of going "Daddy, where do babies come from?", they'll go "Daddy, why are you Christian when you could be Buddhist?"

But nobody has any real choice in any of it. By the time you have "concious choice", whatever choice you make are already shaped by pre-natal conditions - whether your biological mother was a drinker, whether she was around people who smoked, whether people argued and thus projected all kinds of energies to the infant, what kinds of things they say to the infants over and over (eg. "I love you" or "God loves us all") - that by the time you're even aware of "concious choice", it's all already conditioned. And everything from there on are all conditioned responses. Even a person's choice to convert from a religion is the result of all the conditioning that occurred before that choice, as well as the environment, and thus conditioning, of that very moment.

To the extent that you realize this and discover something that transcends all conditioning, the human drama of things like religion and politics (which nobody really wants to care about) will keep on happening."

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